For Presenters

Instructions for Presenters

All presentations are to be 15 minutes in length, followed by 5 minutes for questions following each presentation. All rooms are equipped with projectors.  We will not be providing computer in the presentation spaces, so please bring your laptop/device and/or plan to borrow and share in your session. We strongly advise presenters to bring any PowerPoint/presentation files on a USB drive.

Participants should bring necessary connectors (dongles) to connect laptops to common projector inputs (VGA/HDMI) though the projectors do have wireless capabilities.

If you require audio to be shared for your presentation, please advise us in advance, if possible.

Ideally, one presenter in each session may volunteer their laptop for others to use.

Instructions for Session Chairs

Session Chairs play an important role in setting the tone of the session and in keeping it on track. The duties of the chair include:

We ask you to keep the order as printed in the program to assist those who may be slipping from one session to another to hear a specific paper.

At your discretion, if there are fewer than 4 presenters in a session, you may permit them to have some extra time for presenting. As a general practice, we recommend that most “extra” time be reserved for questions and discussions with the audience that address the theme of the session and encourage participation from all presenters.

* In the event that the listed chair is not available for a session, we welcome an audience member or the final presenter in the session to fill in. If this does not seem feasible, please contact the registration desk and we will locate someone to chair.