Qualitative Analysis Conference


2021 Update

The 2021 Organizing Committee is pleased to share the latest update in our planning for 2021's Qualitatives conference.

Conference Format and Theme

Brescia University College will still host the next Qualitatives Conference, in late June 2021. Given the nature of the COVID-19 response in Ontario, it is too early to say whether we will be able to meet in person or virtually, but the committee is preparing options for live, virtual, or hybrid meeting, with plans to make a final determination early in 2021. We will have the possibility of distance presentations for overseas participants.

The conference theme will remain the same as 2020, Conceptualizing Theory: Analytic Practices in Qualitative Research.

Abstracts, and Call for Papers

In order to best respond to the uncertainties, we are delaying the Call for Papers until December/January so that it can contain the most accurate information.

If you would like us to carry your 2020 abstract forward to 2021, we will gladly do this. You will not need to re-submit, just write to let us know at thequalitatives@gmail.com.

Conference Plenary Sessions

We are truly delighted that our intended 2020 conference guests, Keynote Speaker Eviatar Zerubavel and Featured Speaker Iddo Tavory have both agreed to continue these roles in the 2021 conference.

We look forward to welcoming everyone to the 2021 Qualitatives, and appreciate your patience as we develop the plans for this meeting. Please stay tuned for further announcements.

Featured Students

We will soon be adding a "Featured Students" section, highlighting work from students who had been scheduled to participate in our 2020 conference.


Due to the spread of COVID-19, we have made the difficult decision to cancel this year’s conference. We were hoping that the direction of the pandemic would take a significant turn for the better, but unfortunately this has not been the case. We are sorry to have to cancel, but feel it is the best course of action. We anticipate maintaining this year’s theme and hosting the Qualitatives at Brescia again in 2021. We will be in touch in the coming months with updates and details for anyone interested in carrying forward their presentation from this year. For now, please take good care.

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2019 Qualitative Analysis Conference, Special Issue

Many thanks to all participants of the 2019 Qualitatives for your contributions to a very successful conference in Fredericton!

If you are interested in submitting a paper for consideration in a Special Issue of Symbolic Interaction emerging from the 2019 conference, click here.

Now Available: The Craft of Qualitative Research: A Handbook

From special journal issues to edited volumes, the Qualitatives has afforded presenters several publication opportunities over the years. The most recent of these is The Craft of Qualitative Research: A Handbook. Based largely on papers presented at the Qualitatives, this handbook of reflective readings offers accounts about how qualitative research is accomplished on the ground.

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