Guest Journal Editors

We are very pleased to have the following editors representing their journals at the 2012 Qualitatives:
Michael Bamberg, Narrative Inquiry 

"Narrative Inquiry is devoted to providing a forum for theoretical, empirical, and methodological work on narrative.  Articles appearing in Narrative Inquiry draw upon a variety of approaches and methodologies in the study of narrative as a way to give contour to experience and life, conceptualize and preserve memories, or hand down experience, tradition, and values to future generations.  Particular emphasis is placed on theoretical approaches to narrative and the analysis of narratives in human interaction, including those practiced by researchers in psychology, linguistics, anthropology, sociology, and related disciplines."
Ronald Chenail, The Qualitative Report

"The Qualitative Report is a peer-reviewed, on-line bi-monthly journal devoted to writing and discussion of and about qualitative, critical, action, and collaborative inquiry and research. The Qualitative Report, the oldest multidisciplinary qualitative research journal in the world, serves as a forum and sounding board for researchers, scholars, practitioners, and other reflective-minded individuals who are passionate about ideas, methods, and analyses permeating qualitative, action, collaborative, and critical study. These pages are open to a variety of forms: original, scholarly activity such as qualitative research studies, critical commentaries, editorials, or debates concerning pertinent issues and topics; news of networking and research possibilities; and other sorts of journalistic and literary shapes which may interest and pique readers."

"The Sociological Quarterly is devoted to publishing cutting-edge research and theory in all areas of sociological inquiry. We look for articles that advance the discipline and reach the widest possible audience. Our focus is on publishing the best theoretically-informed empirical sociology. Since 1960, the contributors, peer-reviewers, advisory editors, and readers of The Sociological Quarterly have made it one of the leading generalist journals in the field."

Donileen Loseke, Symbolic Interaction

"As the main voice of the Symbolic Interactionist perspective, Symbolic Interaction brings you articles which showcase empirical research and theoretical development that resound throughout the fields of sociology, social psychology, communication, education, nursing, organizations, mass media, and others."