Qualitative Sociology Review
In conjunction with the 31st Annual Qualitative Analysis Conference, the Qualitative Sociology Review is seeking submissions for a special issue related to the conference. We seek to publish the “best of” the papers presented at the conference related to the theme of Boundaries.

Paper submissions are due September 1, 2014. Please send your manuscript to thequalitatives@gmail.com.

QSR General Information

Qualitative Sociology Review (QSR) is an international peer-reviewed, open-access online journal that publishes empirical, theoretical, and methodological articles applicable to all fields and specializations within sociology. All papers that make use of the interpretive paradigm and/or qualitative research methods are welcome to be submitted. 


A manuscript submitted to QSR should advance interpretivist qualitative research, particularly by contributing new conceptual, methodological, or theoretical insights. The manuscript’s key contributions should be highlighted in its introduction and conclusion, and presented in its analytic sections. The manuscript’s contributions should also be contextualized within relevant theoretical and/or methodological literatures.

In general, manuscripts submitted for the special issue should include an abstract, keywords (5-10), an introduction, a standard format for the body of the article (varying depending on whether the piece is theoretical, methodological, or empirical), and a conclusion. The conclusion should clearly summarize key ideas or findings, highlight the contributions of the manuscript, describe the limitations of the study, and detail possible directions for future research.


Manuscripts generally should not exceed 40 pages (or around 10,000 words) including tables, notes, and references. The abstract should be no more than 200 words. Use the American Sociological Association Style Guide, 4th Edition (2010) and double space. To ensure anonymity, please keep all identifying information out of both the text and the bibliography. The abstract and manuscript are sent to reviewers and therefore should contain only the title.

Peer Review and Commitment to Publishing in QSR

Articles submitted to QSR must be original works, not published previously and must not be under review with another journal. For the purposes of the Special Issue, the guest editor will conduct an initial review of submissions, and send the appropriate papers out for anonymous peer review. A decision regarding publication will be made within approximately 3 months.

Feb 25, 2014, 9:21 AM